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NOVEMBER 10, 2010 Southern Exposure Announces Alternative Exposure Awardees

Southern Exposure announces that $65,000 has been awarded to 19 projects in Round IV of its Alternative Exposure grants program. The initial project of the Foundation's Regional Regranting Program, Alternative Exposure was established in 2007 and has served as a model for similar regranting intiatives in Chicago, Kansas City, and Houston.

Alternative Exposure supports the independent, under-the-radar work of artists and small groups that is a defining feature of the San Francisco Bay Area art community. Grants support the work of unincorporated groups, burgeoning art and gathering spaces, publications, websites, collectives, events, and projects that fall outside the traditional frameworks of support.

An outside panel selected the 19 2010 grantees from a pool of 160 applicants. Panelists included David Cunningham, founder/director of David Cunningham Projects; Julie Deamer, founder/director of Outpost for Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, and Scott Oliver, an interdisciplinary sculptor and project-based artist as well as a former Alternative Exposure grantee.

Alternative Exposure Round IV Awardees and Project Descriptions:

Art Micro-Patronage
Art Micro-Patronage is a web-based platform for supporting contemporary artists. The site functions as an online exhibition space featuring cutting-edge, professionally-curated shows. Through a series of clicks, viewers may easily donate to individual artists as well as to the show as a whole. Adopting the model of Facebook’s “Like” button or clickable star ratings systems, the site allows would-be patrons to make donations of 50¢, $1, or $5 as they navigate the online gallery.

Building Steam
Building Steam is a year-long program of exhibitions, artist’s talks, and performances devoted to sound art. The program, hosted by Swarm Gallery (Oakland), features the work of five artists whose varied approaches to sound include sculpture, installation, and two-dimensional media. The purpose of Building Steam is to create a continuous, long-term, single location for sound art and to provide opportunities for the work to be discussed in the context of a larger visual arts dialogue.

Corrected Slogans
Named for the album originally produced by Red Crayola and the Art & Language group in 1975, Corrected Slogans proposes to reenact the collaboration modeled by that project: an artist or collective, who works conceptually, politically, and theoretically with language is asked to write lyrics—no matter how quixotic, unsingable or strange—for a band who must then mold them into song. Collected ephemera related to the original collaboration will be exhibited alongside the performances.

Emancipated Hearts
Emancipated Hearts is a program designed to empower foster youth around the time of their graduation from high school and emancipation from the foster care system. In an after-school mentoring program, students are given new and used digital cameras—collected as donations from the community—and instructed in the art of visual storytelling. A bi-annual exhibition of photography and related artworks will expose the issues of foster youth to the broader community.

Glass, house
Glass, house is a project-based, curatorial initiative that explores notions of transparency and reflectivity in contemporary art practice and presentation. Working collaboratively with artists in the creation of unique artifacts and experiences, Glass, house is aimed at creating a dialogue within the margins of meaning and the mechanics of context. A multi-platform experiment, Glass, house will produce exhibitions, publications, screenings, talks and events that extend beyond traditional settings and employ alternative production methods.

Grupo MiradaPhoto
MiradaPhoto is a group of photographers based between Córdoba, Argentina and the Bay Area. The group offers an ongoing photography workshop at the women’s prison entitled “Mujeres, Otra Mirada.” The next group of workshop participants will produce a collection of fotonovelas which will be distributed to prisoners in California. Part cultural exchange, part solidarity outreach, the project will culminate with the publication of a finished book of the compiled fotonovelas, expressing the thoughts and realities of society’s most invisible members.

Invisible City Audio Tour
Invisible City Audio Tours is a series of self-guided alternative audio tours that introduce participants to Bay Area neighborhoods through original works of fiction, music, sound, and visual art. Each one-hour walking tour explores a different area off the beaten path through writing and soundscapes recorded by emerging local artists. At the tours’ launch, commissioned visual artists will create installations that relate to the tour's various landmarks and overarching themes. The goal of each tour is to first ground listeners in the reality of their surroundings, then transport them into a surreal landscape beyond it.

Krowswork Gallery
Krowswork is a gallery and project space in Oakland’s arts district devoted to photography and video art. In order to better support video artists in the Bay Area, Krowswork will offer modest discretionary stipends to allow for ambitious projects and the creation of accompanying limited-edition DVDs. The gallery will also host a series of lectures and roundtable discussions that pair local artists with Bay Area writers, thinkers, and critics to provide an intellectual framework for understanding the current relevance of video art.

Mission Afterviews
Mission Afterviews takes as a departure point the abandoned movie theaters on Mission Street. It will look at their histories, revisit their architectural transformations and reflect upon their current conditions. A selection of artists –interested in topics such as moving image and memory, modern urban planning and transformation, labor and leisure or who explore the tensions between community identity and public space- will be commissioned to develop new work. This multi-part project will assume the form of an art exhibition, a movie screening and a publication to be distributed at newspaper stands along Mission Street.

Mission Eye and Ear
Mission Eye and Ear, organized by musician/curator Lisa Mezzacappa in collaboration with Artists' Television Access, is a live cinema series that brings together local experimental filmmakers with unique and original voices in the local music community. In three public performances, composer-filmmaker teams will create music and images that span creative genres and stylistic divisions. The resulting live concerts and film screenings will represent new, risk-taking work in the context of novel collaborative models.

Moby Residency Program at Compound Double Down
The Moby Residency program at Double Down Studios in Sonoma County will encourage the flow of quality of life, resources, and inspiration between the Bay Area’s rural and urban settings. Artists will live in a refurbished Airstream trailer and work in an accompanying studio on the property, which comprises 3/12 acres of redwoods and gardens. The residency will serve as a revitalizing environment for urban artists for a period of 1-3 months in which to gain new perspective on their work.

Needles & Pens
Established in 2003, Needles & Pens offers the artistic community of San Francisco a venue in which to showcase and sell creations to the public. Locally-made artist books, self-published ‘zines, handmade clothing, and visual artwork are all equally represented within the space. The gallery places fundamental emphasis upon affordability, support of emerging artists, and positive contribution to the surrounding community. In addition, the space hosts monthly art exhibitions and has also begun publishing art books under the Needles & Pens moniker.

Ping Pong Gallery
Ping Pong Gallery, founded by artists Vanessa Blaikie and Joey Piziali, is a contemporary gallery space committed to supporting innovative, challenging work by emerging local, national and international artists. The exhibition program, underscored by the idea of art as an unremitting conversation, invites artists working in areas of visual art, conceptual art, performance and video. In December of 2010, on the eve of the gallery's fiveyear anniversary, Ping Pong Gallery will change its name to Romer Young Gallery, a change that marks the gallery's growth and movement forward.

Reflections of Healing
Reflections of Healing is a four-month storefront installation, documenting practices of healing and building loving communities. The public project will celebrate and document significant Oakland residents—each pictured at the age of 15—and their practice or legacy of healing. Reflections of Healing will be the inaugural exhibit of a new gallery space focusing on local collaborative projects in Oakland’s Telegraph gallery corridor.

Royal Nonesuch Gallery
Royal Nonesuch Gallery is an artist-run alternative art and event space located in the Temescal district of Oakland that is motivated by working with other artists and creators to facilitate experimentation and social engagement through monthly exhibitions and events. The gallery creates community around art-based experiences that are thought provoking and conceptually rigorous, while remaining accessible and fun. Exhibiting artists are encouraged to incorporate a social context into their practice to allow the public to actively connect with central concepts and ideas through direct participation.

San Francisco Poets Theater
San Francisco Poets Theater (SFPT) is a loose-knit collective of writers, artists, musicians, critics, and curators who mix art, poetry, satire and spectacle. SFPT has produced printed matter, music, collage, video, and live theater for venues across America. Their upcoming project, The Visitor Owl, incorporates sculpture and video in a narrative that evokes American culture in the shadow of the atomic bomb; the unrest in London leading up to the 1968 student riots; and distinctly post-war Hollywood depictions of pedagogy, racism, and juvenile

The Shadow
The Shadow, a community engagement project led by Wendy Testu, is a visual and theatrical exploration into the art of shadow puppetry. Over six weeks, third grade students from Flynn elementary school will meet with artists to study the components of light and the ways we have used science and folklore to explain the world around us. Students will create a folktale through storyboarding, character development, dialogue writing, and the creation of paper puppets, scenery, and props. Resulting performances in English and Spanish will be presented for both the school community and the greater public.

Sight School
Sight School gallery is an artist-run live/work storefront located in Oakland that supports the local arts community by hosting monthly exhibitions, panel discussions, workshops, critique groups, dinners, film screenings and audiovisual performances. In the coming year, Sight School will present an exhibition by two non-Bay Area artists, who will also be given a live/work space to use during the duration of the show. This new residency model will give non-local artists the ability to more fully engage with Bay Area art communities through talks, events and workshops related to their exhibition.

TALL (Tenderloin Art Lending Library)
TALL is an artist-run project for lending and borrowing artwork by Tenderloin residents and others, free of charge. It is a trust-based program where art is lent and borrowed in the spirit of sharing and celebration. TALL recognizes the importance of multiple forms of literacy, asserting that every Tenderloin resident can appreciate and understand visual art. It increases exposure for individual artists and advances the idea of a “tenderloin artists’ school. The library’s safe and welcoming circulation space will serve as an incubator for artists and residents looking for ways to build community.

To learn more about these groups and their projects go to the AltEx website.