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A Message to Our Grantees DECEMBER 30, 2019 A Message to Our Grantees

In this moment of profound uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic, the Staff and Board of the Warhol Foundation wish to express our solidarity with you and our concern for the well-being of your organizations and the artists they serve. Although we cannot yet measure or even see the long-term impact that this public health crisis will have on the field of arts organizations nationwide, we do understand that we are in a moment of rapidly increasing – and necessary - disruption (if not complete interruption) to your scheduled exhibitions, residencies, artist-led projects and other public programs. In order to best support you during this period, we want to offer you flexibility with the grants you have received.

It is understood that there will be delays, cancellations, and re-bookings to all programs as well as to curatorial research travel; all changes are permitted under the new terms of the grants. All March and April deadlines for final or interim reports have been extended until the end of June 2020. Additionally, we are increasing the percentage of multi-year grants that can be used for administrative costs from 25 to 50%. We encourage you to consider finding ways to continue your work with artists on alternative platforms; grant funds may be used for this purpose. Our belief in the importance of your work is matched only by our concern for your safety.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly by email.